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Orangutan Bracelet


Indonesia is the only place where orangutans still live. But Indonesia is also on the list of 7 countries with the biggest rate of deforestation. Indonesian rainforests are not just a losing home of the orangutans, but also a treasury of plants, from which we make the most important medicine for people and animals (for example, cure for malaria).

What do you get?

  • An awareness orangutan bracelet made of recycled wood
  • Hand-made in Slovenia
  • A pendant made of wood that was recovered from going to waste
  • a tree planting certificate printed on 100% recycled paper

What do you do?

  • plant 3 trees in Indonesia
  • support rescues and adoptions of orphan orangutans
  • help us educate 3.000 new people on social media

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  • ideal for women and men
  • 100% customizable size (from 13 to 24 cm of wrist circumference)
  • pendant made of recycled wood


The name “orangutan” means “man of the trees”. But every day orangutans are losing what they were created for – trees. Their natural habitat is smaller and smaller, they also have less food every minute. The orangutan babies are often hungry and underweight.


This bracelet gives the wood a second life. We contacted our local carpentries and wood shops and asked for any waste wood that we could use for making our bracelets.

The wood that we recovered is then precision carved and engraved. The pendant is then hand-coloured and oiled with natural oils. This is what makes this bracelet truly sustainable.


Imagine wearing a bracelet that shouldn’t really exist. The wood used for this bracelet was meant to go to waste, right?

Now imagine wearing a piece of recovered nature, knowing that you have not only saved some wood from going to waste but also planted additional trees and in the process, helped orangutans. It would be the perfect way to display your environmental consciousness and efforts.


Every product in our store plants trees. We think that we can change the world one small step at a time.

Eden Reforestation Projects is one of the leading reforesting organisations with which we cooperate to plant trees around the world.



What is the size of the bracelet?

The bracelet is 100% adjustable. Wrist circumference: from 12 to 24 cm.

Can I return the bracelet?

Yes, f the bracelet doesn’t fit you can return it in 14-days and you will get a refund.

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping costs £4,90. The shipping is free for orders above £30.

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